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Hair loss can have a huge effect on your confidence and self-esteem.

At Confidence Ink we understand the impact hair loss can have and strive to improve the lives of those living with hair loss, by providing leading scalp micropigmentation treatments. 

Guaranteed Results


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure for people living with hair loss.

SMP re-creates the appearance of hair follicles using specialised tattooing equipment and premium pigments, to recreate 'follicles' that are hyper-realistic and undetectable. 

Thousands of these ‘follicles’ are tattooed onto the scalp, eliminating the amount of visible skin, and creating the illusion of density. 


SMP is fast becoming the go-to hair loss treatment for anyone with male or female pattern baldness, thinning hair, alopecia, receding hairlines, and scarring from injury or hair transplant surgery


THE Process



To determine the treatment that’s right for you, we provide a free consultation, which can be done in person at our new studio in Brighton.  Alternatively, you can submit 4-6 images via our ‘submit inquiry’ form online to receive a phone consultation.


Session 1 – Foundation:

This applies mostly to new hairlines. We create the basic shape of your new SMP look, spacing follicles conservatively and building a base to build on in session 2. 

Session 2 – Density:

Scheduled 1-2 weeks after session 1. We assess how the pigment has settled, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments. From here we add fullness to the look by increasing density and start blending into your natural hair growth. After session 2, you’ll get a great feel for your new look.


Session 3 – Finishing Touches:


Approximately 2-4 weeks after session 2 depending on treatment, we apply the finishing touches.  The additional time between sessions 2 & 3 allows for your treatment to fully heal, leaving nothing to chance in creating a realistic look. Additional density is added if needed, final blending with your natural growth and making any changes to the hairline to ensure your look is flawless.

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