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About Us


Confidence Ink is more than just SMP.

Based in Melbourne's bayside suburb of Brighton, our newly renovated studio provides a premium service, using the highest quality pigments and equipment to achieve incredibly natural results.


Founded by head artist Dave Ticconi, he wanted to create an environment where your confidence and self-esteem aren't dictated by hair loss.


Dave provides a truly personalised service, ensuring every client's hair restoration journey starts and ends with confidence. His communication during your consultation continues through to treatment and beyond.  Dave's attention to detail shows the passion for what he does.


As someone who lost most of their hair in his early twenties (and has SMP himself), Dave knows the impact hair loss can have on your confidence and the importance of delivering life changing results 

dave ticconi owner confidence ink with tattoo gun smp
confidence ink and sepema owners dave and ally

Combining forces with one of Melbourne's leading cosmetic tattoo artists and situated next door, our sister studio SEPEMA provides a range of services from eyebrow and lip tattooing, to scar and stretch mark rejuvenation.  

With a commitment to excellence, we're constantly researching the best techniques and tools for the greatest client experience.

Reach out to Ally at SEPEMA directly or ask me about PMU services at your next appointment.

  • Will SMP help my hair to grow back?
    Unfortunately it won’t. However it has been reported anecdotally, that SMP acts the same as ‘Dry Tattooing/Needling’ a treatment which is designed to stimulate collagen production for healthier skin. Increased blood flow to the scalp has seen improved skin and hair quality in certain individuals.
  • Is SMP permanent and will I require ongoing treatment?
    SMP treatments are semi-permanent, maintenance free and designed to last for a long time. Confidence Ink provide an additional treatment free of charge, within the first 12 months of completion to rectify any fading, unevenness, or blending of additional hair loss to give you full peace of mind. Everyone’s skin and genetic makeup is different, and these differences can mean that one person will experience very little if any fading whereas the next person may require a touch up after a few years. One of the major factors influencing fading and is sun exposure as it can influence the long-term stability of the pigments. We advise the use of high factor sun block to minimise the likelihood of having to undergo a future touch up, as well as daily moisturiser as needed.
  • Having areas of total baldness, what is the correct length to keep my existing hair?
    We recommend the daily use of a 3 head rotary electric shaver or zero gap clippers. This gives you with the perfect 5 o’clock shadow look. The length of your hair should be a 0-0.5mm.
  • How long will my SMP treatment take?
    A full treatment takes between 2-4 sessions. The extent of your hair loss, how the skin heals, its condition and your aftercare all play a factor in how many sessions are needed. Each session is about 2-5 hours long and spaced 7-14 days apart for sessions 1 and 2, and 2-4 weeks apart for session 3. We will give a rough estimate during your consult so you can plan accordingly. Confidence Ink will follow up with clients 4-6 weeks after your last session, to discuss whether any final blending or 4th session is required.
  • What guarantee is there that my treatment will give me the results I am looking for?
    Everybody’s skin and body react differently to pigmentation, which can affecting the final colour and results. To ensure the best outcome you have the option of having a small test patch performed in a discreet location, at the edge of and within the existing hair line towards the back of the head. This will be completed prior to your treatment using pigment matched to your existing hair so you are able to see the results that will be achieved. Adjustments can be made if necessary following your approval. Should you decide to not proceed with the treatment the test patch will not be visible. Confidence Ink provides a 12 months warranty (including a free touch up) should you experience any fading or unevenness.
  • My hair is already grey, and when cut short is barely visible. How can SMP work for me?
    Clients with very little natural colour to their hair can choose to have their complete scalp treated in a colour that suits their particular requirements. The SMP process provides complete flexibility, enabling you to choose a look that suits your personal taste. Most clients will choose to have a treatment which recreates the hairline, temples and crown which will then be subtly faded downwards. The shaved sides and nape areas are kept that way to create a “faded” appearance.
  • Will I need to keep my hair cut short?
    This depends on the treatment you opted for. If you have had the treatment to cover bald areas of the scalp you will need to keep your hair short to reduce the contrast between your own hairs and the treatment. If you have had treatment in between your existing hair to create the illusion of greater thickness, you can maintain your existing hair style, as the replicated follicles are there purely to reduce the contrast between your hair and scalp much like a thickener spray, only permanent.
  • How do I book?
    Head to the 'Contact' page or get in touch via phone, email or carrier pigeon.
  • What if my hair turns grey or recedes further?
    Whatever colour your hair, when it is cut close to the scalp it will appear to be a shade of grey, ranging from light silver grey to almost black. It is also worth noting that the pigment in general, fades in colour at a similar rate to that in which the hair turns grey. As the Melanocytes produce less melanin with age the hair colour becomes lighter.
  • My hair is red, blonde, grey etc. How can SMP work for me if it’s just black ink?
    When you look at a strand of hair from the side you can see the colour, but when viewed from the end it is a shade of grey. This can be anything from black all the way down the grey scale to a light silver blonde. When the hair is cut to the appropriate length i.e. 5 o’clock shadow it appears a shade of grey and your treatment is applied accordingly. The ink is graded and modified to the correct shade.
  • How long will my treatment last?
    The pigments used by Confidence Ink are stable once implanted into the skin, due to the absence of oils (glycerine, witch hazel etc). This ensures the treatment will in require reapplication for a number of years. With everyone’s skin being different, as well as how much sun exposure you have a touch up may be required after a few years. This is a much quicker treatment (only 1 session) requiring only a couple hours to complete to bring the treatment back to looking like new.
  • Is SMP the same as a regular tattoo?
    SMP involves the application of pigments into the skin; however, the process and the results are significantly different. The imprint of a single hair follicle isn’t applied as deep as a tattoo. Traditional tattooing consists of lines and colour shading around 2mm deep. SMP is performed one impression at a time with specialised needles and pigments designed to replicate thousands of tiny hair follicles. Pigment is deposited between 1-1.3mm deep.
  • Will SMP match my hair and be unnoticeable?
    We blend pigments to achieve a match to your natural hair colour. The treatment continues to the boundary of your existing hair, blending into your natural hair growth to be totally unnoticeable.
  • What will my treatment cost?
    The cost of your treatment will depend on the total area to be covered and the density that you will require to match your existing natural growth pattern. As everyone has varying requirements, we will provide you with a quotation following consultation, which can be as simple as uploading or emailing photos for assessment, or booking a time to meet in person at our studio in Brighton. Video consultations are an easy way to assess your requirements. Whichever method you choose, you will know the cost prior to your treatment. To get a rough idea on pricing, please refer to our pricing page.
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