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My Journey to Scalp Micropigmentation

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I lost most of my hair over a 12-month period between the age of 20-21, and then it stopped. But the damage was done. Rapid hair loss at any age, regardless of gender, hits hard.

My hair was wiry and coarse. Not the type of hair that’s easy to hide hair loss. It stood up on end making the thinning more obvious. It was devastating and, being in the mid-90s, I didn’t have any clue that there were hair-loss solutions other than wigs. As I saw it, I had one option. Shave it off and pray that I could pull off the look. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I never looked back. The anxiety that came with seeing my hair loss in the mirror and how it aged me was gone. My confidence was restored. And then I put it behind me. Hair loss was no longer a 'thing’. Any time my head was freshly shaved I looked younger and healthier.

So how did this experience over 20 years ago lead to me becoming a Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) artist?

I spent two decades in marketing technology. I used to love it. I was one of the first to do what I did and it was exciting. But as the industry changed, so did my love for it. I was burnt out for years and didn’t even notice. I was stuck in an industry I didn’t want to be in, but didn’t know anything else.

I found myself paralysed with stress not knowing how to change things.

Talking with my partner (who is an incredible PMU artist), I made an off-the-cuff statement along the lines of, “I wish there was something I could re-skill in and start my own business and do something like you”. Her response was “why don’t you do Scalp Micropigmentation?”.

I’d never heard of it.

After hours of researching online I was sold. Within two days I had booked my training.

Then I booked myself to get Scalp Micropigmentation in Melbourne where I live. After all, how could I be an advocate for what I do and not have it myself?

I LOVE it. I can’t believe the difference it’s made. That shaved head look that I’ve had for over 20 years, looks SO much better than the obvious “I shave my head because I don’t have any hair” look.

I now also love telling people what I do for a living. The first question they always ask is “can you tell it’s a tattoo?” My response is always the same, “you tell me”, which is met with confusion until they realise I’m talking about my own head.

Having people inspect your head at close range and still be unable to tell real follicles from micro pigmentation is such a great feeling. Knowing I’m doing the same for my clients and seeing their reaction to their results is my 'why’.

Scalp Micropigmentation isn’t making any miracle claims. We’re not trying to regrow your hair. Visibly thinning hair is the result of one thing - light.

Light reflects off the surface of a scalp and draws attention to thinning hair by allowing us to see each strand of hair in isolation. This amplifies hair loss. In most instances there's still a decent amount of hair, but reflected light makes your hair look thinner and lighter.

SMP reduces the amount of light reflected by tattooing thousands of tiny dots onto your scalp that look identical to hair follicles. These dots reduce the amount of visible scalp that light can reflect off, creating the illusion of fuller hair, and the results are incredible.

Whether you have a shaved head like me, a thinning crown, alopecia, female pattern hair loss, scarring from hair transplants and injury, or even a patchy beard that you'd like to look fuller, there are SMP treatments that deliver results every time.

The benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation are:

  • It’s non-invasive and heals quickly

  • Results are immediate

  • It's undetectable

  • SMP is low maintenance and doesn’t require ongoing treatment

  • You’ll stop worrying about your hair loss

  • Density treatments, provide more options for styling your hair

  • You’ll feel more confident and less self-conscious about your hair loss

If you're thinking about getting Scalp Micropigmentation - do your research, find a reputable studio, and ask lots of questions. At Confidence Ink, we welcome customers to come and visit our studio and see us in action (by appointment).

A great SMP artist will deliver undetectable results that will change your life.

Have any questions? Reach out. I'm here to help you on your journey to renewed self-confidence.

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